Nuit Blanche
Saturday, October 1, 2022
8:00pm -
Molitor Hotel (map)
13 Rue Nungesser et Coli
Paris, France 75016
Other Info
The Molitor pool is transformed into a performative and immersive space. A total artwork imagined by Annie Sperling as a parallel incarnation of Bosch's Garden of Delights. The medieval imagery of the triptych is remixed in a "liquid light show". Vibrant colors sweep the space to the rhythm of psychedelic rock music from Sperling’s frequent collaborator, musician and artist Mason Rothschild. Nature vibrates in hypnotic fractures while the pool plunges into phantasmagoria. Kitten de Ville, a neo burlesque figure, enters and activates this marvelous universe by joining the swing moored at the edge of the pool...

Artist:Annie Sperling is an American artist and art director, she has collaborated with David LaChapelle and works with great pop culture figures such as Billie Eilish.

Performer: Kitten de Ville is an American performer who has modeled for David LaChapelle, Walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier,has been featured in major Hollywood movies and music videos. She is a legendary burlesque performer who tours the world.

Music : Mason Rothschild
Liquid light show : Mad Alchemy by Lance Gordon
Video : Jacob Mendel
Animations : Paul Rosas

In partnership with the Hotel Molitor Paris and with the support of Panasonic

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