Burlesque for Beginners workshop
Sunday, March 19, 2023
12:30pm - 18+
Flaunt Dance Studio (map)
3052 Clairemont Dr
San Diego, California, United States 92117
Other Info
Kitten de Ville’s has been teaching the art of Burlesque locally and internationally since 2006. Kitten’s classes and workshops offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere to build confidence, have fun, explore your personal style, sexuality and creativity. Burlesque has no boundaries. This includes age, shape, gender and color. No prior dance training is required or needed.

Kitten de Ville is teaching a 4 part Burlesque for Beginners Workshop in San Diego, every other Sunday from March 4th- April 16th
Total price for all four classes is $160. Payable via Venmo @kittendeville
Drop in price for each class is $50. per class, if room is available.
The classes included in this session are :
*Bump,Grind and the Shimmy. The three classic moves for the art of the tease.
*Stage Presence. How to take command of your stage
*Showcasing your body.
*Take it off, How to tease
Each class is 60 Min.

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