Burlesque for Beginners 3 day intensive Class 2 Bump & Grind
Sunday, February 18, 2018
11:30am - 18+
4618 Pine St
Riverside, ca, USA 92501
Other Info
Kitten de Ville’s School of Burlesque has been teaching the art of Burlesque to people around the world since 2006. Kitten’s classes and workshops offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere to build confidence, have fun, explore your personal style, sexuality and creativity. Burlesque has no boundaries. This includes age, shape, gender and color. No prior dance training is required or needed.
Kitten de Ville's 3 day Burlesque intensive is designed to teach you the foundations of Burlesque.
Special Tuition price of :$100.00 for all 3 classes
Or you are welcome to drop in per class $45 (non members) $35 (members)
Please bring a pair of heels that you can dance in and wear clothing that you can move freely and allows you to see your body.
Class 1. Showcase & Tease!
International Burlesque star Kitten de Ville teaches you how to Flirt,Tease and Tantalize your audience. This Hour long class will help you focus on the subtle movements of your body and facial expressions .The skill of Showcasing and flirting will take your performance to the next level. Perfect for stage,photos and fun with your partner!
Class 2 Bump & Grind
Crowned The Queen of the Quake at The Burlesque Hall of Fame. Miss exotic World 2002,Kitten de Ville's Bump,Grind and movement class is a sexy, hip grinding 60 min. of action packed fun. In this class you will learn the classic Bump and Grind that is at the heart of every Burlesque performance.
Class 3 Take it Off, The Classic Strip
This class will teach you how to make your clothing look like it just happens to drop off on the perfect musical cue. Learn how your naked hand becomes exciting, How the drop of a strap leaves them drooling. How just the suggestion of a zipper being unzipped has the audience howling for more. This is the empowerment of the tease where you learn who’s really in control.

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