Saturday, June 11, 2016
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2301 SE 17th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 33316
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The Hukilau 2016

The Hukilau is a 4 day/4 night celebration of all things Tiki and Polynesian Pop - get into the spirit and wear your best vintage Aloha wear, Hawaiian shirts or that gorgeous sarong! We celebrate in Fort Lauderdale as this is the location of The World's Best Tiki Bar - the Mai-Kai Restaurant and Molokai Bar. Opened since 1956, this Mid-Century icon is one of the last and best remaining Tiki temples in the world that also made it onto the National Register of Historic Places in 2014. The Hukilau brings you the best Tiki Cocktails, Exotic Tunes from around the globe, Tiki Vendors from coast to coast and unique symposiums on Tiki History that will keep you spellbound. The Hukilau enters our 15th Annual in 2016 and the Mai-Kai celebrates their 60th Anniversary! Don't miss this very special year!!! PASS HOLDER ONLY: Tiki Tower Takeover - $69.00 Luau Pass - $115.00 Shuttle Ticket 2nd Show Sat. June 11, 2016 FREE - $0.00 Kreepy Tiki Thursday After Party - $15.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Jeff Beachbum Berry Symposium - $55.00 Shuttle Ticket Wednesday for Pre-Party FREE - $0.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Paul Roe Symposium - $20.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Sven Kirsten Symposium - $25.00 Shuttle Ticket for Kreepy Tiki After Party FREE - $0.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Otto Von Stroheim Symposium - $25.00 South Seas Pass - $349.00 Aloha Pass - $130.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Humuhumu Symposium - $20.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Swanky - Mai-Kai Symposium - $25.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Shag's SkyLounge - $49.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY Will Anders Tiki Craft DIY Class - $20.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: Shag Symposium - $25.00 Shuttle Ticket Wednesday from Pier 66-B Ocean FREE - $0.00 Shuttle Ticket Wednesday Mai-Kai to B Ocean FREE - $0.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY Tom Fowner Tiki Craft DIY Class - $20.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: MeduSirena Swimshow Wednesday - $15.00 Big Kahuna Pass - $155.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: MeduSirena Swimshow Thursday - $15.00 PASS HOLDERS ONLY: MeduSirena Swimshow Saturday - $15.00 Shuttle Tkt 1st Show Mai-Kai Sat. June 11th FREE - $0.00

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